Monday, 12 January 2009

Quick hit: Not all boys at the Big Day Out

Harvest Bird walled me on this Stuff article on one of this year's BDO offereings, the Ting Tings, including:
Myriad publications have labelled [Katie] White an example of a new brand of feminist - girly but staunch. Does she consider herself to be a feminist?

"I think most women are feminists. You'd be pretty stupid if you didn't feel a little bit like you have to prove yourself, especially in music, it's a very man's world."

Thanks HB!


Hugh said...

They're an awesome band. Kind of like the White Stripes but with the roles reversed.

The Bewildering Case of Ms Enid Tak-Entity said...

"girly but staunch" is a *new* kind of feminist? Le sigh.