Monday, 26 January 2009

Quick hit: Whadda ya mean you want to see the actual cars?

This was Stuff's homepage last night at about 6pm.

Sorry it's a bit fuzzy (user error). But I think the point will be clear enough. The photo gallery feature for the day was the Taupo A1GP, which I am given to understand is not a beauty contest but in fact a car race. Yet the picture they chose to put above their link to "all the action on and off the track"? Well, you can see that for yourself.

Maybe it's partly so that those who click through don't form a false expectation, regarding that off the track action caught for their viewing, er, pleasure. Because out of the four shots that aren't of cars, one is of an air display, one is of a stuffed kiwi sitting on a car bonnet, and the other two are the "grid girls" posing. Sigh.


A Blogger said...

What does one expect? We are talking about, they are tabloid, they aren't real media.

Anonymous said...

Im more interested in the girls.

Julie said...

@Anon, and because there aren't enough pictures of hot chicks on the internet already it's important that coverage of a car race include some snaps too?