Monday, 23 February 2009

Announcing The Hand Mixer - Auckland, Thurs 19th March

The Hand Mixer
Thursday March 19th, 7pm

Supper Room, Trades Hall
147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn

An opportunity to get together with other left wing ladies, and even take in one of Maia's Top Ten Most Feminist Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (screening from about 7.45pm).

Light refreshments provided by the Working Women's Resource Centre, with proceeds going to their good works.

Complimentary cupcakes lovingly baked by local Hand Mirrovians.

All welcome (including feminist-friendly men). Modest donations accepted to cover costs, please look out for the basket on the night.

If you are a Facebook type-person (like me) then you can even RSVP. Mega-thanks to Anita of Kiwipolitico for PDF-erising the poster for me; email me if you want a copy to put up around the show.


Tui said...

MAIA! What are your top ten most feminist episodes of Buffy? (Note: I care about this stuff so badly I wrote an essay on Doppelgangland. What;'s funny is that I thought I was going to slag it off for being revoltingly non-feminist but after writing the essay I realised that it's also a story about Willow exceeding her boundaries & that's kind of cool. (those interested - hah - can read it here. )

*goes to browse capitalism bad tree pretty for Buffy references.*

Julie said...

Tui, you are so going to love CBTP, it is chock full of Buffy. The very title of the blog is from a Buffy reference.

Maia is currently trying to pick between a couple of contenders for the best match for our Hand Mixer :-)