Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cycling through the recession?

I'm quite keen on the idea of constructing a nationwide cycling track, mooted at the Jobs Summit.

Keeping people in work is vital. Doing it in a way that offers a low-cost, environmentally sound recreation option, and which may benefit the tourist industry, sounds good to me.

But while I see no problem with the cycle track idea, I do see a limitation. The majority of jobs created by the government's various infrastructural programmes will be in the construction and engineering industries - meaning the large majority of these jobs will be filled by men.

I don't begrudge men employment opportunities for a moment; but I don't think the government has considered that, when it comes to job creation, one size does not fit all. Female and male unemployment have different dynamics, and need different solutions. It's for reasons like this that more diverse voices at the Jobs Summit would have been a very good idea.


SMSD said...

On the bright side, when unemployment hits 25%, we will all be able to cycle up and down the country looking for work.

Julie said...

I was wondering what they would do about the Harbour Bridge, given the campaigning about getting a cycleway (and pedestrian route) across.

Anna said...

Nice call, SMSD - and I guess the bicycle industry will get a boost.

Brett Dale said...

A cycle track would be great, more people employed, and more people riding cycles getting fitter, should of been done long ago.