Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fashion Crisis: dress worn back to front!!1!

And so the day has finally come. The news we have all been waiting for. Even in the midst of a global financial crisis of epic proportions. Despite the impending doom of climate change.

Drum roll please...

Angelina Jolie may have worn a dress back to front to the Screen Actors Guild awards.

Ellie Levenson from The Independent sympathises with Jolie, while others accuse her of being too scary to correct. You can see a full photospread at the Herald's site.

I ask: who cares? (Which does rather beg the question, why even write a blog post about it, and I admit I was mostly motivated by liking the colour of the dress in question).


The ex-expat said...

I'm not so sure. If had been worn the other way there'd be some major flashing going on.

Giovanni said...

Reminds me of this, somehow:


Julie said...

Apparently it was worn the other way around in a catwalk show some months previously. I don't see what the big deal is, surely she can wear it whatever way she wants, be that accidental or deliberate?

I hate that photo of Jlo, it makes my retinas itch.