Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Feminist Event: Gardasil information evening in Akl

What: Gardasil, it's your choice - information seminar run by Women's Health Action Trust
When: Monday 16th March 2009, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Where: 4 Warnock Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
This workshop will include information on:
· Your rights to make an informed choice as a health consumer
· Latest research evidence on the vaccine, what is does, it’s effectiveness, and safety
· An overview of the HPV immunisation programme

Run by Women’s Health Action together with The Auckland Women’s Centre , this workshop will give parents and their daughters an opportunity to gain the knowledge to help make an informed choice about this vaccination.
Please note that people need to register (and it is $15) with Women’s Health Action to attend. I could not find the registration form on their website but I do have a PDF of it so please feel free to email me, via my profile, and I'll email it back to you.

WHA have been quite sceptical about immunisation in the past, and Gardasil in particular, so this is unlikely to be a Rah Rah Vaccinate The World seminar. I'm sure though that it will be chock full of information to help people make the best choice for them.

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