Monday, 23 February 2009

Quick Hit: Best Supporting Laydeez

Found at Alas, the Washington Whispers column at US, a poll on which of teh laydeez would run the best daycare centre, illustrated with this lovely graphic:

*bangs head against desk*

Can men not run daycare centres? In my personal experience, Yes They Can.


artandmylife said...

I vote MR Obama (sheesh). The daycare my kids use to go to was run by a husband and wife team. It was awesome

Anna said...

My daughter had only one male pre-school carer, and has had only one male primary school teacher. It's very hard to encourage men into childcare or teaching when all the cultural imagery says it's exclusively women's work.

The ex-expat said...

What is odd is when I taught overseas, the male foreign teachers outnumbered the teachers 2:1. When I asked them why they wouldn't teach in their own countries their number 1 concern was false accusations of abuse followed by money and status.

But I agree, so many people say it is women's work.

Anna said...

E-E, do you suppose that's also got a bit to do with the high esteem teachers are held in in Korea? IE, if the profession was more valued in NZ (which might diminish the fear of abuse accusations), men might be more interested?

Azlemed said...

the low numbers of male teachers is also reflected in the way men promopted more often, look at the number of male principals, hods, deans, etc

there is a disproportion of female teachers and a disproportion of males in management.