Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quick hit: Hillary Clinton sworn in

Clinton has been sworn in as Secretary of State, and according to Stuff she said:
"For me this has been an amazing personal journey," said the former first lady, who was the early favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination last year until Obama beat her in a grueling campaign.

Biden also ran for president last year, but bowed out after early losses to Clinton and Obama.

"As Joe laughingly referenced, neither one of us thought we would be standing here together doing what we are now doing. Life has that funny way of unfolding and politics is even stranger," she said.

Clinton placed her hand on a Bible held by her husband, the former president, as she repeated the oath administered by Biden. She was sworn in privately on Jan. 21 after she was confirmed by the Senate.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Can they really put the bitterness of the primary campaign aside? And will people constantly refer to Clinton's husband, despite the fact that she's the one in power now?

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backin15 said...

If you listen to the BBC 4 Newsquiz, there was a particularly funny quip about how Obama's administration will deal with global crises compared with Bush's. The punchline was along the lines of "...and now, over to you Hillary". She's got a tough gig. Interesting that, expect for Powell, the last three Secretary's of State have been women (I'm sure this has been commented on previously)