Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Quick hit: Remittance models

In Stuff's fashion section:
Like many models from Ukraine, Russia and the Balkans, Chyzh regularly sends money home to support her mother, a freelance interior designer who is having trouble finding work because of the downturn.

"She says, Anna, you have to help me now. So we have to work for Mum, we cannot refuse any contracts now," she added before disappearing in a swarm of equally blonde and skinny girls.

Shunned by scrimping shoppers amid rising unemployment and fears of a long, deep recession, retailers across the board have cut profit forecasts and marketing budgets.
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Anna said...

Not sure if it's just the particular articles I've noticed, but there seems to have been a few on the affects of the recession on women with the sort of careers (or lack thereof) that people might have a slightly prurient interest in.

E-E wrote about the girlfriends of the elite, and there's been another recent article on sex workers offering half-price deals

I seriously hope the ones about sex workers aren't supposed to be comic relief, but I've got my suspicions...

Brett Dale said...

Why would anyone oppose the Police collecting DNA? Its a good thing.

Whats with the redneck bashing also?
All being a redneck means is that you have been out working in the sun

Julie said...

Brett, you might want to re-post your comment on the relevant thread?