Friday, 27 February 2009

Susie Orbach on Kim Hill tomorrow!!11!!!1!

I hope I'm not the only person ridiculously excited about this:
Saturday Morning with Kim Hill: 28 February 2009

8:15 Susie Orbach: modified bodies
Psychotherapist and author; her new book, Bodies, considers the societal pressures behind body enhancement.

But wait there's more:
8:40 Jasvinder Sanghera: arranged marriages and honour crimes
Co-founder of UK community project combating domestic violence, and author of the memoir, Shame, and sequel Daughters of Shame.
Sounds like a marvellous morning to sit around listening to the radio.


Luddite Journo said...

Nope, you're not the only one excited.... YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Fat is a feminist issue :-)

Julie said...

Sadly Sanghera was delayed so they decided to do her interview at another time.

But Orbach was very interesting. I missed some of it due to Wriggly-related noise-making. But I liked that she was pretty open about the fact she didn't have all the answers, just some ideas about how we could work together to make change. Her hope story of the comparison with the environmental movement, which was fringe only thirty years ago, was encouraging.

When Orbach talked about the Dove stuff I thought that was particularly revealing - that it was Dove's female management who came to Orbach and said they wanted to do something.