Sunday, 22 February 2009

Unofficial Official Blog of the Waikowhai Wanderers Women's Softball Team (Fictitious Division)

What on earth could possibly be the point of this, beyond illustrating the ridiculousness of the capitalist system wherein everything is for sale?

(For those a little lacking in brain juice this fine morning, I refer of course to the sticker proclaiming San Remo's large spirals as the Official Pasta of the Australian Netball Team.)

You can't just sponsor someone anymore without some kind of petty public relations quid pro quo can you? There has to be some benefit to the bottom line. Corporate citizenship my arse.


Anna said...

Given the way women's sport has been dumped on, partly as a result of the recession (I'm thinking SPARC and women's rugby), I guess we can safely expect to see more of this sort of sponsorship, particularly in women's sport.

There certainly is a point at which sponsorship from multiple, unrelated sources starts to make a team look faintly silly. And you have to wonder about the large amounts of (probably volunteer) time that must be spent procuring sponsorship for some teams.

Mind you, as Hugh asked many posts back, how exactly should sports teams be funded, and should the taxpayer contribute? I'd certainly be more inclined to support those teams which the market doesn't support (and not direct rate or tax subsidies to the NZRFU, as is the case with the Dunedin stadium).

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Anna said...

Well argued, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Seemed suitable to the article