Monday, 2 March 2009

10th Down Under Feminists Carnival

The lovely Queen of Thorns has posted the 10th Down Under Feminists Carnival, over at Ideologically Impure. There's some great reading in it, and some new(ish) bloggers appear too.

The Queen has also put together a list of all the people who have had blog posts appear in the Down Under Feminists Carnival to date - fantastic work, QoT. Perhaps if your blog is on the list, you could consider taking a turn to host the carnival. Contact Carnival founder Lauredhel via the Hoyden about Town contact page (click the 'contact' tab), or e-mail her directly at, where she uses lauredhelhoyden as her handle. And don't forget to submit posts you like to the Carnival, via the submission page.

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Azlemed said...

Its a really good selection of writing, will have to spend the evening reading blogs now