Friday, 27 March 2009

Diversity in science carnival

The second ever Diversity in Science carnival is up, at Thus Spake Zuska, celebrating women in science. I especially liked this post, Women scientists haven't exactly had a picnic of their careers.

While you're at it, make with the clicky and go visit Dr Isis and her blog, On becoming a domestic and laboratory goddess. She's got a deal going with the American Physiological Society, to fund an award for the undergraduate woman who submits the best abstract at a big experimental biology conference. She needs to double the clicks on her blog over a 30 day period (starting 19 March), and then she gets the money for the award. So if you have a moment, click through, even momentarily, and help out.


Isis the Scientist said...

Thanks very much for the link. I think we're going to raise a nice sized award!!!

Deborah said...

Happy to help, Isis.