Monday, 30 March 2009

Favourite carnival coming up

Some of you may have other carnivals that you love, love, love, but my favourite is the Down Under Feminists Carnival. I love the connections with other women from Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia, and the sense of antipodean community. I love that even while we may disagree on detail, there is a great and joyful agreement on being feminists, on seeing the world through women's eyes, on picking up bloody great shovels and getting on with the work of making a better world for women.

Submissions for the next Down Under Feminists Carnival are due. The submission deadline has been extended slightly, to the 2nd of April - that's midnight, Thursday. I haven't been able to work out whether that's midnight NZ-time, or midnight two hours later in Sydney and Melbourne and Hobart, or half an hour after that in South Australia, or another half hour on from that in Brisbane (this time around at least; by next month when daylight saving time ends Queensland will be back in sync with the other eastern states), or one hour further on again in Perth. Whatever. Get your posts in by midnight on Thursday NZ time, and you should be fine. Anything feminist (broadly interpreted) by any blogger downunder, either here downunder, or from downunder, posted during March is eligible for this edition of the carnival. Nominate some of your own work, or make another woman feel appreciated by nominating her post(s) for the carnival.

To put a submission in, go to the blog carnival page, and fill out the form. If you can't get the form to work for you, you can e-mail this month's host directly at: sjmorris1987 at gmail dot com.

Carnival founder Lauredhel has hosts for the few few carnivals, including our own lovely Anjum, at her own place, and THM regular azlemed at her own blog, but she needs hosts for August and subsequent carnivals. If you can host the carnival, then contact Lauredhel at her g-mail address. She uses lauredhelhoyden as her g-mail handle.

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lauredhel said...

Thankyou for the carnival plug!

Yes, I'm not too bovvered on what "midnight" means either. I think I have it set to Perth time. If you submit well before the deadline, no problem anyhow! If something misses deadline by a short margin, the submitter is welcome to email the host of the carnival they wanted to be in to ask for their submission to be included.