Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Feminist Events: Supporting pay equity in Hamilton this week

Thanks to reader George who sent me in this info about some pay equity activity in Hamilton this week:
Local workers are campaigning for fair pay through Trade Unions Waikato. If you believe in equal pay for equal work, join us this week to send a strong message to goverment that the gender pay gap needs to close.

Some things you can do this week to support fair pay:

Help make placards - Wednesday 4 March from 5.00pm at the Waikato Trade
Union Centre Hall, Ground floor, 34 Harwood St.

Leaflet guests at the International Women’s Day Symposium - Friday 6 March 8.30 am at the Hamilton City Council, Reception Lounge (Muster at the fountain)

Picket, peaceful demonstration and appeal to Minister of Women’s Affairs Pansy Wong - Friday 6 March 12 noon at the International Women’s Day, Symposium, Hamilton City Council Reception Lounge 1
And only two sleeps to go now until the Pay Equity Faxathon!

More on recent pay equity stuff here - Because we're worth it: Pay Equity Hub

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