Sunday, 29 March 2009

Keeping house

I've updated the blogroll a bit this morning, from Tumeke's latest rankings list which came out earlier this week.*

This has meant adding in more than ten blogs which have women contributing to them, or writing alone. I've also shifted frogblog to the womanly portion of the blogroll, in recognition of reasonably regular posts from their female MPs. Just Left has gone back to the Other NZ Blogs section, as the swag of new posters there has yet to include a lady, and Jafapete's come off it as he has decamped to join Kiwipolitico.

We've had quite a few people emailing or commenting lately suggesting their own blogs (or those of others) and all of those have been added, even though I haven't posted a comment confirming that.

Anything to add, please do let us know!

I've also finally got around to adding a Google Calendar widget in the sidebar which lists upcoming events that may be of interest to readers. At the moment I've only been able to find one women's radio show (on VBC). It seems that other student radio stations have largely ditched these kinds of formats, in favour of having a massive variety of musical genre shows. If you're aware of anything, regular or one-off, to add to the calendar feel free to email me julie dot fairey at gmail dot com, and much gratitude to those who are already doing so.

* A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to getting us to our highest spot ever - 12th. If you are reading this, that means you!


Anna said...

I say - I like that tricky events thingee you've done!

Paul said...

I like the picture.

Julie said...

The events thingee luckily wasn't too tricky. The hard part is probably going to be keeping up with all the things we could add to the calendar!

Glad you like the pic Paul, it represents almost the opposite of the division of labour in our household ;-)