Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday Funday: with bento boxes

Found via the March Netguide magazine, here's some amazing bento art.

My favourites were the Where the Wild Things Are box

and the gorgeous sheepy detail in the farmyard box:

And the woman who makes them also has a blog!


Anonymous said...

This is why the thought of raising children in Japan has always terrified me!


Julie said...

My word katy, I only saw the tip of the tip of the iceberg!

Giovanni said...

Dear me, this opens up a whole new world of possibilites - Arcimboldo for one can go hide under a rock.

I'm going to be an astract bento artist and make pictures with soup.

backin15 said...

Cool. Imagine how deflated you'd feel when you kid came home having either swaped for a sausage roll or worse, not even bothered to eat it? I does remind me of the wonderful opening scenes of Ang Lee's beautiful Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (glorious movie best watched on a full stomach).