Friday, 6 March 2009

Quick hit: Miss Universe NZ regionals coming back to Wellington

Under the headline "Teen drunks inspire pageant", Stuff has this today:
The sight of drunken teenage girls wandering city streets has inspired promoter Glenn London to revive the Miss Universe New Zealand regional competition in Wellington.

"It's about bringing back some charm and elegance to young Wellington women, providing a bit of glitz and glamour and going to a nice social occasion rather than wandering the streets at all hours.

"If you go down the middle of Wellington on a Saturday night and look at the young women you think, 'Oh no.'

"I have two teenage daughters myself and would like to see it become an iconic event in the capital it is a lot better than bikini competitions in pubs," said Mr London, who plans to stage the pageant at Wellington Town Hall in October.
Click through for the whole thing.

The wordz; I haz not got dem thiz mornin.


Anonymous said...

I think my sister was a bit taken aback when she came downstairs this morning and got an earful from me about that article. There's just so much wrong in it that I do not even want to get started.

Julie said...

It's like trying to argue with someone who insists the sky is green.

I seem to be having a lot of conversations of that nature with people lately :-(

Anna said...

Look, I'm sorry, but I actually thought it was so wrong that it was funny. Treating public health issues with beauty is a great idea. Has anyone contacted ALAC?

I can't wait for Miss Universe to restore the dignity to our lives.

Lex said...

As do I, Julie.

But it's my fault, for PREACHING all the time, apparently. Actually, I hold back about 95% of what I want to say about things most of the time. I mean, I don't want to dwell on this stuff, and I really don't feel as though I do (inside my head), but if I see something wrong, I am impelled to challenge it. And there's stuff wrong and awful everywhere, so to offset the horror inside me, I attempt to engage in intelligent discourse about it with my friends. As one would, supposedly, with one's peers and friends, one's chosen family. It's really bloody tiring, being a PREACHER.

Probably time to retract into hermitage I think. Oh what a cruel farce is the real outcome of women's liberation.

Such a pity...

Anonymous said...

I read this on the bus on the way home in the rain, thinking "who is this perverse man, and why does he want to improve the deportment of drunken teenagers?".

Having watched first-years stumble off-campus after gigs, into the bars and clubs downtown for too many orientations in a row now to feel any criticism of their dress standards, and only hollow despair at their drinking habits, I am speechless at the column inches given to this pointless exercise, when neither rape crisis or campus angels ever get that much free PR!

Anonymous said...

I was at The Warehouse when I was flicking through the Dom and saw this. My partner saw my face and leaned over and read it too.

Then I looked up and saw in the little girls section [like for a five-year-old] a tee-shirt that said "I LOVE SHOES, BOYS AND MAKE-UP".

My partner just looked at me and he was like "It's OK, deep breaths".

I actually almost caught fire.

AWicken said...


If one wanted to be grossly unfair, uncharitable, and misinterpret the intention of the event (not to mention be a stirring b$st$rd), one could suggest that this implies that anorexia is more attractive than alcohol abuse...

reddeath26 said...

These articles always manage to infuriate me quite a bit. It would be somewhat easier to swallow if they were also pushing the same thing upon males as they too have an equal share in the drinking culture.