Wednesday, 18 March 2009

VUWSA's Women's Group

Thanks very much to Kassie, Acting Women's Rights Officer, for getting in touch with a profile of the women's group at Victoria, who were pivotal in the campaign to save gender studies which we covered a little last year.
VUWSA Women’s Group is a collective at Victoria University of Wellington who are interested in discussing/learning about feminism, striving for social change, and having a whole lot of fun!

The Women’s Group runs Women’s Fest every year (May 4th-8th 2009), coordinates the Women’s Show on the VBC (10am, Thursdays on 88.3FM or stream at for those outside Wellington) as well as organises fun, women-focused events on campus and in the community throughout the year.

Women's Group is welcome to all self-identified women at Victoria University, regardless of age, sexual orientation, culture, religion or political beliefs. If you’re a student and want to be involved, or just want to keep up to date with what the Women’s Group is doing, join our Facebook group or email wro at
If you're involved with a women's group that you would like us to promote please get in touch with me by email julie dot fairey at gmail dot com.

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