Saturday, 25 April 2009

ANZAC Day roundup

As part of our brief to promote the blogging of NZ women, here's a round-up of posts on the main theme of April 25th each year, the commemoration of wars gone by:

ANZAC Day irritations by Deborah - on the forgetting of other letters by the As and the NZs
Lest we forget by Anna - rejecting nationalist and romantic reinventions of war
Shipping off by the ex-expat - soldiers are still being shipped off to war today
ANZAC Day by Cactus Kate - considers what today is like for politicians
Anzac Day across the Commons by Brenda Wallace - links to a resource looking at the uploads today
ANZAC Day disconnection by Lucyna Maria - remembers her family's military connections
ANZAC Day by dzeni - sharing her ANZAC image
For all the uncles and cousins we never got to meet by bustedblonde - sharing a poem and her thoughts
Anzac cookies by tammy - yum!

Homepaddock has written quite a few posts about today, and there may be more to come?
Her story
Sidi Reszegh
His story
They also served

Boots Belts Rifle and Pack

Feel free to add others that fit the brief in comments. If I get a chance I'll add anymore that I find to the list tomorrow.

I was going to write a post myself reflecting on what I heard at the ANZAC service I took Wriggly, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. Mostly because of Anna's fantastic post, but also a little bit because I slept while Wriggly did and now I haz no time!

Oh and here's a link to last year's roundup for ANZAC day too.

Further additions, Sunday 26th April:
Anzac Day - Finding out who you are by Barbara Else - on a relevant documentary you may have missed
Heather Roy's Diary this week featured her reflections on the meaning of the day.
A rare treat by bustedblonde - regarding an aviational commemoration of Anzac Day.
anzac day by sas - a poignant pic and quote
Lest we forget the conchies by The Paradoxical Cat - focuses on conscientious objectors
Anzac Day by Dawn Rotarangi - remembering

And here's a couple of manly contributions well worth perusing: Joe Hendren's The 25th of April is still a day for selective rememberance and Dolan's War stories (which may be of particular interest to Giovanni).

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