Monday, 27 April 2009

Autumn newsletter from the Auckland Women's Centre

The Auckland Women's Centre has put together a great newsletter for autumn, featuring articles on the following:
  • Pay equity - they are now hosting the petition on their website too (scroll down, it's fourth from the bottom)
  • Kristin Dunne-Powell - I especially liked this quote: "Anybody who encourages a man to not take full responsibility, prevents them from moving on with their life."
  • Domestic violence: knowing is not enough
  • And much more good stuff
Thanks so much to Leonie for emailing me about this, putting our blog in the newsletter and for keeping me in the loop in general. I've added a number of events to our calendar based on the services and activities going on at the centre in the coming months.

If you are involved with a women's centre and would like The Hand Mirror to promote your centre and its events please email me julie dot fairey at gmail dot come and as time allows I shall do what I can :-)

And big ups to all those women out there who contribute to women's centres; your work helps so many people!

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