Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Kids are rad

When I hear arguments in favour of the 'right' to smack kids, I feel glum. But when I feel glum, there's nothing I like to do more than think about my kids and how much I love them.

I think about how, when I get home from work, my son (who's almost three) shrieks 'Mama!' and attaches himself to my leg. It's a gesture of affection, and sometimes a surreptitious nose-wiping manoevre. And I think about my daughter (seven and a half), and how she insists she'll never leave home because she loves me so much - she's going to get married and have kids, and the whole lot are going to live at my house, she says. (I'm sure her future husband will be thrilled with this arrangement.) They may give me grey hairs, but I wouldn't be without my little people, not even for a minute.

I think kids are for hugging and loving and celebrating. So if, like me, you need a bit of cheering up, I invite you to share stories about kids - your own (biological or not), or others. Because kids are funny and kids are rad!


hungrymama said...

My seven-year-old was awesome this morning . Some terrible parent "forgot to leave a window open" so the tooth fairy couldn't get in last night. Instead of making a big fuss he grabbed a magnifying glass and notebook and hunted around the house looking for clues and made a wonderful adventure out of it.

(of course that Fairy managed to sneak in when I opened his window this morning )

Julie said...

Thanks for this blast of fresh air Anna, I was thinking something similar about the radness of my son this morning when he heard me from another room, having not realised I was awake, and came searching for me going "me, me, me, me, me" until he found his Me-me (mummy) then gave me a big smile and hugged my legs in an unco manner.

stargazer said...

i'm busy with looking at various universities as the older daughter finishes her last year of school this year. and it keeps reminding me of how much i'm going to miss her & wondering how i'm ever going to let her go. can't believe my baby is an almost adult.

both my girls are totally awesome.

Anna said...

I was at the Naenae playground with my kids a few weeks ago, and a small boy (someone else's!) and I ended up singing Rihanna's 'Umbrella' song in a spontaneous duet. It was a musical tour de force, as well as being bloody hilarious.

You've got to love the unselfconsciousness of kids (and certain grown-ups?).

Chris said...


A Nonny Moose said...

I don't get to see my niecelings very often, but when I do they call me by a Secret Name, which is very sweet.

I'm not a kid person, but I'm hoping when they grow up I'll be "Cool Aunt Moose" (like Cool Aunt Phoebes from Friends) they go to when they run away from home. I'm already inducting the eldest into Feminist ways, much to the chagrin of her mother ;)