Thursday, 23 April 2009

New laydeez in teh Bloglandz

(Not necessarily new new, but new to me, and soon to be new to our blogroll too.)

A Blog Named Fred
Meg Bates
The Topp Twins
Pigalina's Palace

Check them out!


Giovanni said...

Let's hear it also for Dear Mrs Skin

Julie said...

Oh yes, thank you! Any other new ones do add them, I am very behind. Glad to hear Mrs Skin has a blog I have enjoyed her comments on PAS :-)

Meg said...

thanks for the linky love Julie

Principessa said...

Yeah thanks Julie, I'm also going to post the occasional at Just Left. (ablognamedfred's going to be my personal, Just Left a space for me to be political).

Giovanni said...


An excellent name for a blog, it has to be said.

Principessa said...

Giovanni- are you Italian?

You are a poet and you know it.


Giovanni said...

"Giovanni- are you Italian?"

Yes. But I make a point of not reminding people of that fact more than, oh, say, five or six hundred times in the course of an average day.

Julie said...

Also, I've just found Camille, a kiwi who has recently moved to Canada:

Pigalina said...

Aww thanks for linking to me!
I will add you to my blogroll :)
Your site is chock full of pist - not like lazy old me'sis.