Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Secret Journal of Wriggly's Mother II

A work day
Had to be away before Wriggly awoke this morning, although I watched him while he snored before the taxi arrived. V lucky plane home landed early, opened front door to find Wriggly just crawling to his bedroom for nigh-nighs. Gave me big grin, said "Me, me," came over to cuddle me. Awwww. Best thing to happen all week.

A sick day
Wriggly is toddling around like he's had too many wines. So glad I was home sick today, cos got to hear my son say "Mummy" for the first time ever. And it was his first word!

A work day, out of town for two days
Surprised I am not missing Wriggly more. Too busy thinking about work to think about son.

About to leave for work
First time since I went back to work, don't want to go, want to stay home with my little boy and play with him. Good that it took six months, and is just cos away so much this week. He is as happy as ever.

A weekend evening
In-laws looked after Wriggly while we went walking. When we got back was past his bedtime but he was wide awake and v hyper after seeing us. Asked him where Daddy was and he looked straight at his father and then walked over to hug his leg. Makes me smile just typing it.

A weekday night
Report-back from Wriggly's Nana who looked after him today: son can now say Mummy, Daddy and, of course, Nana. Am dubious.

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Ms Giraffe said...

Love this journal, made me smile reading it and I needed that :)