Monday, 27 April 2009

There will be cake

It's almost time for the 12th Down Under Feminists Carnival. That means a year of gathering together feminist blogging goodness from Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Fantastic. The carnival will be held at Chally's place, Zero at the Bone, and she has promised CAKE.

Time to get your submissions in. Any feminist post (broadly interpreted) from any down under blogger (broadly interpreted) is eligible. Submissions close on 2 May, and you can make them via the carnival submission page, or if you can't get the page to work for you, e-mail Chally directly at chally dot zeroatthebone at gmail dot com. so go on - submit some of your own work, or some posts you've particularly admired. It's a way of letting other feminist bloggers know that their work is appreciated.

While you're at it, think about hosting the carnival yourself sometime. Carnival co-ordinator Lauredhel is looking for a host for August and for subsequent carnivals. You can contact her at lauredhelhoyden at gmail dot com.

1 comment:

Chally said...

I hope everyone likes the cake! It's rather pink, which some people may disapprove of. I suppose they can always scrape the virtual icing off.

... I think all the comments I've made on this blog in recent weeks have been about cake. Wow. That is a reflection on my enthusiasm about DUFC, not this lovely blog.