Thursday, 23 April 2009

Thursdays in Black: Herald recognise family violence worker

The Herald's been running an "Unsung Heroes" series and today they have an article about Michelle Bratty:
A single candle given to her each Christmas is one of the ways Michelle Bratty knows that the work she does is helping.

The North Shore mother of two has been the first point of call for many victims of family violence for 10 years.

She has dealt with numerous cases, from women abused by their partners to whole families wanting a new start.

Having seen a few "rough" cases, she says she is constantly reminded of the good that comes from her efforts.

"I've got one particular family who give me a candle every Christmas. She was a girl who was only 18 years old.

"When I went to see her, she had her arms folded - bruises up and down them from her boyfriend. She didn't want to talk to me," Ms Bratty said.

"It took a while but she came through and now she's applying for the police."

Ms Bratty works as the family violence assistant with the Orewa police.
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She sounds like a very worthy recipient indeed, one of many working behind the scenes offering practical assistance. And to give some props to the Herald, for once, it's good to see them acknowledging this work.

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thebratts said...

Thank you for your lovely Comments. Indeed am just one of the many working in this field and am priviledged to be in a position to be able to offer assistance to both victims and the agencies working with these families. Thank you to all as without the agencies unsung efforts, my job would be alot harder. thank you. x Michelle Bratty