Sunday, 26 April 2009

Womensfest at UOA starts tomorrow!

Sounds awesome and I understand there may also be a zine circulating on campus to mark Womensfest too?

The launch of the Campus Feminist Collective is on Thursday, here's the info from the Facebook page:
Launch of group!

Wine and Cheese Tasting Launch Party
Thursday, April 30th
Womenspace (for now, but will change if men cannot enter)
All welcome regardless of gender identity!

- Why is feminism important?
- How you can get involved on campus!
- Includes a speaker from the Women's Centre on feminism in Auckland and why it is important
Many years ago I was involved with the Raving Feminist Witches, which later became Feminist Action. I still have very fond memories of the stuff we did and the positive experience of pursuing women's issues together sowed the seeds for this blog. It's fantastic to see a feminist collective starting up again at the University of Auckland.

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pingviini said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning the launch party!

Just wanted to clarify that some aspects of the event have changed. It now starts at 5pm and lasts until 7pm. And will be held in the Exec Chambers, which will be signposted from Munchie Mart.