Sunday, 31 May 2009

Deadline's looming

The Down Under Feminists Carnival is into its second year. After a magnificent 1st birthday hosted by Chally, the first carnival of the second year will be hosted by THM's lovely friend Demelza, at SAHM Feminist. Demelza is not staying at home - she and her family have just moved home, into their very own place. Congratulations, Demelza.

It's time to send in some submissions for the carnival. Go through your posts for May, or go through the blogs you love, and pick out some pieces. Any feminist writing, by any down under blogger, can be included. Don't be shy! And don't be shy about recommending other bloggers' posts; it's a lovely way of letting another person know how much you appreciate their work. NZ bloggers - the Queen's having a birthday on Monday, so you are having a holiday, and I know that the weather is ghastly up and down the country, so how about spending some time searching out some great material for the carnival, and sending it to Demelza.

Demelza is aiming to get the carnival up by 5 June, so get your posts into her in the next day or two. You can send them via the carnival submission form, or if the form won't work for you, send them to demelzagf at yahoo dot com.

And if you think you would be up for hosting the carnival yourself sometime, contact carnival founder Lauredhel, either via the Hoyden about Town contact form, or at her gmail dot com address, where she uses lauredhelhoyden as her handle.


Medela Metro Bag said...
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Deborah said...

I deleted that last comment because it was a spam one, linked to advertising for a particular product. It was a worthy product, but even so, I don't want spam here.