Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Female infanticide = FREEDOM!

Oh this is so hilarious, you are going to laugh and laugh, there will be lizzing galore I'm sure, I can hardly contain my mirth to type this myself. /sarcasm

Anjum wrote earlier today about the research that came out yesterday showing that men with daughters tend to be more left-wing, and those with sons go rightward. That's not the funny bit, but do get ready to guffaw, because it's coming up in just a few seconds.

David Farrar of Kiwiblog fame decided to post about the research
. That's not the funny bit either, hold your funny bones just one more moment.

After titling the post "We need more sons", Farrar cuts and pastes from a media article, adding in his own commentary (are you ready for the hilarity? do not take a sip of coffee at this point):
No wonder China is becoming more free gradually!
Fascinating. So maybe this eugenics stuff is worth considering :-)
(Because a smiley face makes everything ok.)

Hilarious! ROFLMAO!!11!!


Of course the comment thread from this flamebaiting is odium personified, including these stunners:
Christopher: ...Ever noticed how girls rely on emotional bullshit, whereas men are logical? More men = more logic and reason = more right wing. More women = more hormonal and emotional = more clouded judgement and illogical thinking = more left wing. Makes perfect sense to me.

tvb: Sons have to be schooled to go out and work, daughters are looking for someone to support them. A little old fashioned perhaps as many women want the security of a career. One cannot rely on being supported and married forever. But the left/right divide may still be relevant. Going out and working and earning a living is right wing. Finding someone to support you is left left left.

Murray: Conservatives have balls. Deal with it.

And this lovely one which is somewhat scientifically challenged:

david: Cause and effect people. It’s Labour supporters who lack the X gene thus producing more daughters
I know many bloggers say Farrar himself isn't sexist, he just has readers who are. I beg to differ.

When Farrar posts in such a fashion, which he has to know (unless he doesn't read his own comment section) will incite such flamebaiting and women-hating, then frankly I think he has misogynist tendencies too. He doesn't moderate these comments, he doesn't challenge them, he just lets them sit and fester and spread. And that's what a sexist would do.


Anna said...

Julie, I'd love to comment on this, but my thoughts would be emotional and incoherent. Besides, I don't have time - I'm looking for a husband to support me.

Nikki said...


anna c said...

Wait! I thought we were the baby killers...

Moz said...

Anna, I'd come to your rescue on my gallant white charger but my sugar momma wants chocolate cake as well as dinner tonight so I have to go shopping now.

Anna said...

Shopping sounds like a good outlet for that hunter/gatherer instinct, Moz!

A Nonny Moose said...

So, if teh emoshunul wimmens = liberal leftwing lezzies, how does that explain Sarah Palin? Or Pauline Hanson? Or Christine Rankin?

New pub insult: "Dude, you're so left, you ain't got the nuts to carry the Y chromosome"

Anonymous said...

A sad attempt to get readers Julie?

Julie said...

Brave Anon, thank you so much for your well thought through and rational comment. In case you hadn't noticed The Hand Mirror already has quite a few readers, including your fine self.

Anonymous said...

And yet I don't see any other rational replies in this thread either. :) Touche!

Anna said...

Anon, some things are too obviously stupid to rebut. Why are you eager to side with the people who don't understand sex chromosomes?

Anonymous said...

I know David Farrar and there is not a sexist bone in his body. You try administrating a popular blog with the amount of readers that he gets.

You should email him your concerns rather than get angry about it. That's all :)

Cactus Kate said...

Nonsense. David loves women. He has far more female friends than male ones. Not the sort of female friends who would put up with him if he was into misogyny. We would smack him in the head.

He can't moderate his own blog or he wouldn't have time to earn a living.

Unlike The Stranded who should be held responsible for all comments on their blog.

Julie said...

Sounds a bit like the "my wife is from Singapore" defence to me, saying Farrar has lots of female friends.

Making jokes about the desirability of female infanticide is in poor taste, at the very least. To just put that stuff out there and thus encourage sexist crap in your comments section and go "whoa, hands off, I didn't write those comments" is BS. I don't go into the comment section at Kiwiblog v often but on occasion I have still seen Farrar give out demerits and such, but not on that thread.

I was not only holding Farrar responsible for the comments he doesn't moderate but also for his original commentary on the article he linked, which encouraged even more sexist comments in the thread.

I can't read the Standard these days as for some reason my main computer won't load it anymore. I can look at their posts through a reader but not the comments.