Tuesday, 5 May 2009

How did the media find out about the outcome of the Paul Henry complaint?

TVNZ didn't put out a media statement about it (view their statement archive here).

NZPA's article on the Herald website, partly reproduced in the News Briefs in their print edition today, went up yesterday at 6.35pm. I couldn't find any news mentioning the matter on the Stuff website, or any media statements on Scoop.

How did NZPA know that it was timely to approach TVNZ for comment?

I posted about it yesterday morning at 8.12am (having written the post on the weekend). Was The Hand Mirror first to this story? (And if so does that post join the growing list of news stories journalists are sourcing from blogs without acknowledgement?)

Quite open to any other explanation that readers who have more knowledge of the media may care to share...


Giovanni said...

Kyle Matthews posted posted an identical letter to the one you divulged yesterday on April 28 on PAS. Not sure if that makes him the first, and since there have been a lot of complainants it's conceivable that the media got whiff of it outside of the Internet or blogs.

Azlemed said...

I heard it on the radio news at 2pm today, and saw if on stuff yesterday.... got it through a tweet.

Julie said...

Ah thank you both kindly :-)

Thanks also to some email correspondence about this too.