Thursday, 28 May 2009

Leisure inequality alive and well in New Zealand

Men in all 18 countries examined by the OECD (including NZ) have been found to have more leisure time than women. Original Economist article here.


Giovanni said...

Shit. I DEFINITELY moved to the wrong country.

Anna said...

That's a fab picture! I'm quite interested in this area - the last time-use survey I saw suggested that NZ women and men were very close in leisure time, and it didn't quite ring true to me. One problem with these studies can be categorisation of activities - sometimes personal care stuff (ie prettying up for work) and even shopping are included in measures of leisure time. One study I saw argued that shopping is not work when women do it, because women like that sort of thing. Interesting issue - some women do go shopping for fun (and I suppose some men do too), but I'd assume most women spend more time doing 'mundane' shopping than the fun stuff - and I don't know how dragging irritable kids around the supermarket could ever be classified as leisure time. Ever.

Cactus Kate said...

The glass is always empty isn't it.

Of all countries examined, NZ is 2nd BEST from a female perspective.