Friday, 15 May 2009

National shows who it wants to consult on the Super City

Half page ad in this morning's Herald, page A6, titled Have Your Say on Auckland Local Government.

Lists a series of public meetings that National MPs and Associate Minister of Local Government John Carter will be holding in the Auckland Region to hear "your views".

Where are they?

Let's break them down by existing TLA boundaries:
  • Rodney - 1 meeting
  • Waitakere City - 1 meeting
  • Auckland City - 8 meetings
  • Manukau City - 1 meeting
  • Franklin - 1 meeting
North Shore City and Papakura? No mentions.

Consultation: Ur doin it wrung.


The Bewildering Case of Ms Enid Tak-Entity said...

This proportion makes perfect sense! After all, Manukau City only has fewer than 55,000 people in it, exactly one eighth the population of Auckland City. Oh, wait, I confused the number '54,000' with the number '362,000'. Silly me!

miss abc said...

I am livid with this blatant de-democratization taking place in Auckland City. The current system is flawed but this is going be a nightmare of red tape. And representation...meh why would the govt want that!