Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Odds & Ends Drawer

Some linky love for your mid-week reading pleasure:
And don't forget to check out Zealgirl's blog for all the latest on the Zeal 320 situation, sounds very nasty indeed for the workers who were locked out, even now the industrial action is over :-(


Giovanni said...

I should let it transpire that I'm afraid of feminists more often, Julie.

Kakariki said...

ooh nice lot of links!
p.s. the tea cozy was by Johanna :) And I want it!!

homepaddock said...

Thanks for the link and introducing me to new blogs - reading for 48 hours sounds harder than fasting because you ahve to stay awake to do it.

Julie said...

Actually I put the link in before you admitted your terror G :-)

Corrected Kakariki, thanks!

No worries HP, I have no idea how I would stay awake for 48 hours either. I fall asleep reading after only a few hours of awakeness as it is!