Friday, 8 May 2009

Quick hit: Coke Zero ad pulled in Australia

This in the Age:
Coca-Cola was forced to can [boom,boom - J] a TV ad which authorities said suggested women should be available for sex when men want it.

The Advertising Standards Bureau found the advertisement, though light-hearted, was inappropriate for children.

It was the second embarrassment in a month for the soft drink giant, after it had to correct health claims in print ads featuring actor Kerry Armstrong.

The latest controversy erupted over a Coke Zero ad, titled "Break up as it should be".

In the ad a "hero" man who is breaking up with his girlfriend at a roadside cafe is suddenly surrounded by pole dancers.

His dumped girlfriend acknowledges the man doesn't want to be with just one woman, then offers: "Just call me when you want to have fun."

A series of complaints to the advertising watchdog argued the ad degraded women and promoted casual sex for men.
Here's the full article.

Anjum wrote about her concerns with the current Coke Zero campaign last month.

Crocheted sloppy beret-type hat thing tipped to The Glorious T again for this one :-)


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Gah! It's bad! - they wish!

stargazer said...

they "canned" it because it was inappropriate for children? for children??? how about that it was inappropriate for women to be portrayed as disposable, useable things? i guess that's not really a concern. sigh.

Chally said...

Yessss, I will hopefully never sit through it again!

T said...

Lol I've always wanted a "Crocheted sloppy beret-type hat thing" thanks! :)

Kakariki said...

This makes me so happy, that ad used to get me so mad!