Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Dean Stewart Cameron is currently being tried for the rape and murder of 15 year old Marie Davis. The Crown alleges that Marie was raped and murdered in her home, then her body was wrapped in bedding and dumped in the Waimakariri River, where it was found several days later.

The defence seem to be going out of their way to paint the rather normal details of Marie's life as sinister, and implying that these may have somehow contributed to her death. For example, they're arguing that because Marie sometimes wore her hair over her face she must have been an emo, and therefore suicidal. They claim she made her way to the river carrying bedding, then either committed suicide by jumping in the river (wrapped in bedding), or had a dizzy spell and fell in (wrapped in bedding).

At what point does a defence begin to insult the intelligence of the public, and the family of the deceased?


Psycho Milt said...

It's pretty straightforward - if the scumbag maintains he didn't do it, the defence lawyer then has to look for anything, however much it makes her/him look ridiculous and clutching at straws, to throw doubt on Bozo's guilt. There must be times at which it's a very hard job to feel good about.

ms poinsettia said...

The other horrible thing the defense has suggested is that she took bedding down to the river for a 'liaison'. It's despicable and so cruel to her grieving family. If he didn't do it, surely his defence should be focusing on showing how there is no way he could have done it (alibis etc).