Sunday, 17 May 2009

Supporting Lane Walker Rudkin workers

If you're a Wellingtonian and feel like doing some baking, there's a cake stall being run tomorrow, Monday 18 May, to support laid off LWR workers. The stall will be held outside Westpac House on Willis St, between 12.00 and 1.00.

Many of the laid off workers are owed thousands of dollars in holiday and redundancy pay. Receivership laws mean workers won't see the money owed them until LWR's assets are liquidated; and many workers will get nowhere near the full amount owing to them. Westpac and the Government have been asked to carry the debt and pay the workers in the interim until the assets are sold, but neither want to help out.

If you've got baking or solidarity or a donation to support the LRW workers, contact for more info on the cake stall.


Cake maker said...

And if you use facebook, you can join this group too! "Bake a Cake for Lane Walker Rudkin Workers" -

Anonymous said...

Why the hell should the tax payer cover wages?
They will get most of their money in time, it is not the job of the Banks or the "govt" to bail out people in situations like this.


Anna said...

No bailout was ever asked for, Bruv - just a suspensory loan with the LWR's assets as a form of collateral. If the govt can consider bailing out Fisher & Paykal, I see no reason why it can't consider making a loan to cover money which workers are owed, and which they use to support their children, pay their mortgages and prepare for their retirements.

Since redundancy pay and holiday pay count as assets for the purposes of claiming the Unemployment Benefit, the taxpayer would be saved by ensuring the workers get what's owed to them.

millsy said...


Why the hell should these workers should lose their homes through no fault of their own? Have you ever turned up for work to find out you have lost your job and youre going to get nothing?