Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Toys for boys

Today Sideswipe shared this doozy:

I wonder which group the makers thought was of lower toy plane sports aerospace product construction capability: girl students or low grade students?

And when I went looking for kitchen toys for Wriggly to play with in the kitchen instead of the actual grater and real glass bowls, I discovered this:

On the left we have the Pots & Pans set, in manly blue with bright yellow and red accents. On the right we have Kitchen Utensils, from the Girls Only range, in pink, magenta and lilac. Looks to me like it's the same little girl pictured on the front of both? Good to know though that boys can cook, but only girls can bake. Sigh.


Anna said...

I think that's great. As a girl and a low-grade student, I think I could really benefit from one of those planes.

My partner usually does the womanish chore of grocery shopping for our house. He commented the other day that baby wipes come in pink or blue, with only the pink ones scented. I can't imagine why baby girls need more fragrant bottoms than baby boys.

Moz said...

Anna, it's because little girly bottoms smell worse, of course.

My task for this week is to get my girlfriend to cook for me. Do you think tasteful pink cookwear would do the trick? In theory we share the cooking, but in practice she's been a bit busy so she's about three or four meals behind (only counting the ones she's eaten here, of course).

Bevan11 said...

Looks like it's Chinglish all round; it's not made in NZ!

Cactus Kate said...

Boys do have way cooler toys. My niece likes trains and soccer and goop that you throw on the wall and it slides down. Actually anything that is anti-social. Fortunately she also likes volcanos and Discovery science kits so is very easy to buy for.

For her 9th birthday I think it's time she got a drumkit. She's grown out of the Manchester United shirt, shorts and socks I got her last year.

Yet her mother keeps buying her kitchen sets, baking plastic thingys and boring rubbish from the pink section.

backin15 said...

I tried to bake ANZAC cookies with my youngest the other weekend - #bakefail. Poor kid, she had to shop them around her friends... she was good about it though, eating just enough to cause herself indigestion... does it redeem me that I make a mean putanesca?