Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Asian Women Blog Carnival

Via the excellent Racialicious blog I came across this call for submissions for the Asian Women Blog Carnival at Rebellious Jezebel Blogging.

The [completely optional] theme for the 3rd Asian Women Blog Carnival is:Intersections between Culture and SexismFor many of us, "white feminism" tends to be our introduction towards recognizing sexism, racism, and other kinds of -isms that are relevant to our lives. But because we come from varying cultures, what others may call sexism, we call a cultural trait (the hijab is a prime example). Occasionally, we may have encountered sexism in our own cultures, but we never thought about it that way until after coming into contact with other cultures.
Deadline for submissions is August 15.

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Violet said...

Aren't carnivals meant to be fun? This one sounds like serious work.