Friday, 5 June 2009

It's up! The 13th Down Under Feminists Carnival

Demelza has the 13th Down Under Feminists Carnival up at her place, SAHM Feminist. It's full of great links, and she's hoping to add more, in the moments she snatches in between moving house. It's promising to be a wet and wild weekend in New Zealand, so why not grab a lovely cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, and settle in for some excellent reading.

The next DUFC will be hosted by our very own anjum, at her own place, stargazer. You can send submissions to her via the carnival submission form, or if you can't access the form, e-mail them direct to her at: kiwistars at gmail dot com

And if you are a DUFC participant or follower, think about hosting it yourself sometime. Contact carnival founder Lauredhel if you would like to do it. She's looking for someone to do the 16th edition covering August and appearing in early September, and people for the 18th and subsequent editions. You can contact Lauredhel via her gmail dot com address, where she uses lauredhelhoyden as her handle, or via the Hoyden About Town contact page.

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