Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pay Equity action on 30th June

Thanks to the numerous people who have sent me this, including Idiot/Savant. It sounds like there will also be something happening in Auckland, and I'm hoping to confirm the details soon. If you know of anything in your neck of the woods do get in touch!

The 30th June has been picked as it is the day that the Department of Labour's Pay and Employment Equity investigations unit is officially disbanded.


stargazer said...

i found this
press release from a protest in dunedin quite interesting:

“You are out of touch” Deputy Prime Minister Bill English claimed to protestors outside Dunedin MP Michael Woodhouse’s electoral office this evening.

A vocal and boisterous group of young women from high schools, university and the wider community gathered together to protest Nationals scrapping of the Department of Labour’s Pay and Employment Equity Unit. A great deal of support was shown for the protestors by passing cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians

Niche said...

Also Auckland event. Crn of Queen and Victoria St. midday June 30.

Kate said...

Details on regional events:

AUCKLAND PAY EQUITY RALLY - Midday, Tuesday 30 June
Corner Victoria and Queen Streets, Auckland

HAMILTON PAY EQUITY RALLY - Midday, Tuesday 30 June
Wintec Campus, Student Centre Hub, Hamilton CBD

CHeck out: for more details.