Sunday, 21 June 2009

world refugee day

a bit late, but nonetheless, i did want to put up a post reminding us all that yesterday (20 june) was world refugee day. it's a chance for those of who are fortunate to have them to be thankful for so many things - for a roof over our heads, decent food, clean water, the ability to participate in the political process without fear of persecution.

there are an estimated 45 million displaced persons in the world, and an estimated 75-80% of these are women and children, and the majority of them are people of colour. many of the women have suffered rape as a deliberate act of war. we have recently covered on this blog the situation of women in sri lanka, and a short post on the situation in iran. of course there are many other countries around the world where people are continuing to be discplaced.

just to finish, i thought you might be interested in this slideshow with photographs and stories of refugee women.

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