Tuesday, 28 July 2009

And this is why I get uncomfortable when people talk about 'fetus rights'

A New Jersey court fount the mother had abused and neglected their child, based on the fact that the she refused to consent to a cesarean section and behaved erratically while in labor. The mother gave birth vaginally without incident, and the baby was "in good medical condition." Then she was never returned to her parents, and the judge in the case approved a plan to terminate their parental rights and give custody of the child to foster parents.

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Anonymous said...

Another very good reason why not to live in the United States.

Trouble said...

I read a little more about that case somewhere, maybe Broadsheet. It sounds like while the doctors initiated the child welfare proceedings based on the caesarian thing (which is plain wrong), a lot of the following behaviour by both parents called their fitness into question as well, which is what the court based its decision on. Which is not to say that the US isn't a horrible place to give birth for all sorts of reasons.

Anonymous said...

I think another problem in the US is the litigious nature of society Doctors become very risk averse.