Monday, 27 July 2009

Get your running shoes on!

I feel like a bit of blog sell-out for giving props to a commercial product but since I blogged about my experience of doing the half-marathon last year. I'm going to give some blog-love to women's running group run by the wonderful Ingrid out of Les Mills in central Auckland that is about to start training for this year's half and quarter marathon. You don't have to be the fastest runner to take part, in fact you could be as slow as I am and stil find the experience of group training to be as motivating and empowering as I did!


Te Puhi Whakahoro said...

kia ora mo tena!

I've always thought about doing one and now with the inside knowledge I will be able to make a start despite the fast runners!

thanx 4 the heads up =)

Pip said...

I used to take part in Ingrid's running group in Wellington before she left us. I still miss those runs!