Monday, 13 July 2009

kirsten dunne-powell on 60 minutes

i've just watched the kirsten dunne-powell interview on 60 minutes, and found it to be very moving. i think what this woman has had to endure is awful, particularly the intrusion to her private life that she talked about. as we've seen with so many women complainants, they are victimised by their abusers, then victimised again if they dare to speak out against the abuse. especially if they are unlucky to be abused by a man who is well-known.

i think ms dunne-powell has shown considerable courage and dignity in the way she has dealt with this issue. but the fact is that she shouldn't have had to deal with a lot of it. and it appalls me that the publicity around her would have been so much nastier and so much worse had tony vietch not accepted the plea bargain, and the full case had gone to court.

i'm not sure how mr vietch will respond to this interview, but the best thing for him to do right now would be to remain silent. i don't believe there's anything left for him to say, and if "team vietch" really cares about him, they'll put his well-being ahead of anything else.

i'm hoping this is the last chapter of this particular story, and that both of these people can now get on with their lives.


Anonymous said...

I found it terrible. Why the hell can't she just let the whole thing die.

A Nonny Moose said...

Anonymous: So, Veitch is allowed to wax truthlessness long and loud, yet she should shut the hell up?


Anonymous said...

I purposefully didn't watch it. On the one hand I fully recognise her right as the victim to speak out. On the other hand, I also think the media has played this out for far too long. The issue will never 'die' for her or anyone else involved, but I feel uncomfortable about the longevity of this in the public arena - it seems to rehash over and over again. Veitch was completely wrong, but surely he also deserves a chance to pick up the peices and learn and move forward (as opposed to moving on)? I agree that now Ms Dunne-Powell has had her say, hopefully this will be it and they can both get on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Yes I hear what you are all saying. From the tidbits of promotion of 60 minutes I did too feel that it was over cooked so to speak. If you really wanted to know the gist of the affair then you would have made an effort to watch it. I believe their is way too much crap in life why would you want to watch more of other peoples crap.
The thing that is quite interesting to me is the values from the both of these people, so much so there were none, that they could not even find the decency to sort it out within themselves, that there was so much hurt and ugliness to this whole affair that it became public. You can't blame one and not the other, both parties had opportunities to have sorted it out from the first instance but none of them had the balls. If you're not honest to each other in the first place, the truth hits you hard in the end, and its still not quite the end of it.
The other interesting fact to me was their value system. I believe money would have played a big factor, hence how it dragged so long. Their was no love lost in this affair really that sums it up.
The values of these people are evident and the hate that must of built up from it was totally a revenge thing at the same time.
Usually what comes around goes around. Who said you said. It all comes out in the end and who cares... nobody!