Monday, 27 July 2009

New pro-choice blog

ALRANZ (who advocate for law reform in favour of choice in regard to abortion) now have a presence on the website, and also a blog there.

Big thanks to captiver for emailing this through :-)


Brenda said...

but no RSS feed!

I'm not gonna remember to keep going back to their website on the off chnace they've posted something new.

pity, they sound like something i'd like to read.

Principessa said...

This is just my personal opinion- but I reckon ALRANZ should change their name. "Abortion Law Reform" makes it sound like they want the current law reversed or something. And the truth is they are Pro-Choice- I think their name should reflect that.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, We will get on to the RSS feed. Hope you will check back later this week and find it running/turned on/whatever. Thanks for reminding us!! Principessa, interesting idea. It's a historical thing, as I guess you appreciate, dating back to (even) more cautious days. 1971 to be precise.

Principessa said...

Hey Anon- yup I get where the name comes from as I've met some people that belong to your organisation. I must admit though, I spent about half an hour trying to tactfully determine whether they were pro-life or not. Was very happy to discover they were too.