Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quick hit: McLeod on the status of women

From Stuff today:
It never pays to be smug about the status of women, and to imagine that everywhere in the world they enjoy, as we do here, ceaseless admiration and awe. Such may not be the case.

There are countries where women are treated quite differently, as reports of the past week testify; countries where women's natural superiority has yet to be generally acknowledged, and where men still call the shots.

In these countries women still do the housework, bear the children, look after the old, rear the young, plant and harvest the crops, milk the cows, cook the dinner, help the kids with homework, nurse the sick, do the household washing and ironing, and provide erotic entertainment after lights out.

Luckily they have men to do the difficult work more suited to their gender, like enforcing religious observance and traditional customs, swanning about, and general supervising. Come to think of it, this has a familiar resonance.
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McLeod has some disturbing examples, such as floggings for extramarital sex and man-consecrated communion. Go have a looksie.

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A Nonny Moose said...

I'm waiting for my comment to show up (being moderated perhaps, LOL), but there's a beautiful kneejerk reaction from a guy who basically puts the blame for all the problems of the world on a woman's period! Just gobsmacked.

Gosh, Stuff and The Granny has become a bastion of hateful talk (reader commentary) this week. Is this my New Zealand?