Friday, 17 July 2009

random links

since i can't get those photograph thingies to work properly, & since i don't want to take over julie's trademark of the "odds & ends drawer", i'll just call this a few links to really good stuff i've read today!

brian edwards tells us why he doesn't care for nigel latta.
I/S on chief justice sian elias' speech yesterday (this correction of colin espiner is pretty good too).
and a great guest post up at public address by ken aldous about the end of consumerism.

that's all!

ETA: i thought i'd just add a belated link to this guest post on shakesville [trigger warning] that went up on monday, quite long but very moving and pertinent, about issues regarding rape culture.

that's really all.


C.C. said...

WOW! That was your post on Shakesville? That was amazing and moving and touched me very deeply. Thank you for writing that. I know how you feel.

stargazer said...

no, not my post at all!! sorry to have implied that.

C.C. said...

Oh woops! sorry, my bad!

Violet said...

I quite enjoyed Nigel Latta's show so very quite interested in Brian Edwards' slagging off of it. He's got some pretty valid points to argue too. Thanks for highlighting it.

Dave said...

I enjoyed Nigel Latta's show as well, it will be interesting to watch the rest of the series.

stargazer said...

and after i read & linked to the brian edwards piece, nigel latta himself turned up and they had quite an interesting discussion. all good stuff.