Monday, 13 July 2009

Women's group shared lunch at Vic on Thursday

  • Shared lunch, catch-up, and setting of regular meeting time for the Vic Women's Group
  • 12noon - 1pm in the Women's Room, in the Student Union Building on the Kelburn Campus.
  • Please bring some food to share
  • And get in touch with Kim Dobson, the Women's Coordinator, kim dot l dot dobson at gmail etc, if you feel the need.
  • Facebook event page here!


Anonymous said...

Is the Women's Group an already established thing or is it just starting up?

Anonymous said...

It's an established thing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I hadn't heard about it. If anyone can go then I think I will go along to that. Thanks for replying :)

Kim Dobson said...

Hey yeah we have some really cool stuff planned for Womens Group this Semester our main project is trying to network with the community to organise a Reclaim the Night march for the Wellington community.

Look forward to meeting you
Kim Dobson
Ps if you cant find the womens room feel free to shoot me a txt on 0272093890