Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Get your Yes Vote in the post soonest!

Votes in the Child Discipline Referendum need to be in the post tomorrow to make it on time, so make sure you find your orange envelope and do your democratic thang and vote.

Here at The Hand Mirror we made a conscious decision months ago to support the Yes Vote campaign. We've written about why we support a Yes Vote at some length.

For those who support the current law but think the question is ridiculous and are thus thinking of abstaining, please have a second or even third think about it. While we can't determine or change the question we can send a positive message about what we think of the law. Voting Yes says you support the modifications made to s59 of the Crimes Act, to give children more protection from violence.

For anyone still undecided I recommend this very simple presentation from the Yes Vote campaign. It's just a series of powerpoint slides, no emotive pictures of beaten children, and I think it's a credit to the Yes Vote campaigners that they haven't gone there at all. Anyway it's a very succint overview of how we got to here and why you should vote Yes:

Post your vote today or tomorrow, otherwise your vote may not count and your voice may not be heard.

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Marja said...

I voted yes and feel quite depressed that so many voted no.
I worked a lot with children and in a home and these kids don't understand either. The police isn't stupid they know what is abuse and what not but they do need a tool to work with. The whole area is underfunded and than they spent so much money on a referendum Outrageous There is stil a long way to go