Friday, 21 August 2009

HRC moving on pay equity

the human rights commission has apparently put out a legal opinion today regarding pay equity investigations. i can't find the report on line, but could only find this:

“A legal opinion released by the Human Rights Commission today confirms that Chief Executives of Government Departments must act to overcome pay equity issues within their organisation.

“That legal opinion now raises serious questions about whether Tony Ryall forced Chief Executives to act illegally when he ordered them to scrap pay equity investigations for school support workers and social workers at Child Youth and Family....

and further progress is to be made, as can be seen from this press release:

A monitoring framework will be developed by the Human Rights Commission to ensure the health, education and public sectors take action on delivering pay and employment equity for all workers....

The monitoring framework would measure annually:
• the overall pay gap between men and women in each organisation,

• the number of women in senior management,
• the starting rate pay gaps between men and women,
• progress on pay and employment equity response plans,
• other employment equity initiatives.

it's great that we've got another organisation doing work in this area and holding government departments to account.


Big News said...

I wouldn't say that the HRC is "moving" on pay equity. The legal report is here. I've also blogged it.

stargazer said...

can you please put a link to your post here? i'd be interested in reading your views.

Big News said...

Ah yes sorry, the profile was blocked, just click on the big news wording in blue here and scroll down